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Carma Henson Presents to NCAJ on a Lawyer’s Responsibility during COVID-19

May 6th, 2020

Henson Fuerst partner Carma Henson presented to the North Carolina Advocates for Justice today on “Discovery: Lawyer’s Responsibility during COVID-19 with Carma Henson”.  Discovery is the legal process by which attorneys obtain evidence from opposing parties and witnesses through interrogatories (written questions), requests for production of documents, requests for admissions and depositions (sworn testimony).  Her presentation included a review of Rule 3.4 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the applicable ethical rules in NC prohibiting obstruction, and Rule 26 Disclosures under the NC Rules of Civil Procedure. 

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the legal system in North Carolina and across the country profoundly.  Seminars such as this are imperative in arming lawyers with the tools necessary to keep cases moving forward on behalf of their clients.  Normally, such presentations would be in person at NCAJ headquarters, but today’s seminar was done virtually as a live webinar, so we were able to catch a quick photo of Carma during her presentation!