The Henson Fuerst Health Initiative

We have been involved in community events for many years, and because of our commitment to helping others, we created the HensonFuerst Health Initiative—a comprehensive plan that encompasses all of the law firm’s community and service efforts. The initiative encourages both members of our community and of our firm to prevent injuries, improve health and fitness, and aid organizations committed to bettering health and well-being.

The Health & Fitness Challenge

Beginning Monday, February 4,  2013, all HensonFuerst employees will have the opportunity to participate in our first ever Health & Fitness Challenge! The challenge will run from February 4 through November 30 and should motivate all of us who want to get more active as well as those who want to shed some pounds. Additionally, we have a special category for anyone who wants to stop smoking.

So how does it work?

There are three ways to compete – activity points, weight loss, and smoking cessation.

  1. Activity Points
    Anyone can participate in this category. Points can be earned for things as basic as gardening and cleaning the house. Those who do physical activity will have an edge, so if you walk, run, etc., you earn 2 points for each minute of activity. If you are doing housework or gardening, you get 1 point for each minute of activity.
  2. Weight Loss
    For those who want to lose weight, points in this category will be based on the percentage of weight lost during the challenge period.
  3. Smoking Cessation
    For those who want to quit smoking, the winner of this challenge will be the one who can go the longest period without smoking, but at least a minimum of 30 days.

“The mission of the HensonFuerst Health Initiative is to foster safety and wellness in our community. We are dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors and are always looking for ways to give back.”

Thomas W. Henson, Jr.