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For Alzheimer’s Patients, Researchers Discover BINGO!

February 1st, 2012

BINGO is a fun activity for many people, but especially those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Now, researchers have discovered that BINGO has benefits that go way beyond passing the time: Bingo seems to boost thinking and playing skills, especially among people with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

According to an article on ScienceDaily, as people age, they begin to lose sensitivity to perceive contrasts…and this problem is worse in people with dementia. The researchers tested different types of specially-made bingo cards, and discovered that improving contrast and increasing the size of the cards improved the players’ skills. In fact, increasing contrast in the environment made living easier for the seniors, too.

For example, putting a black sofa in a white room would improve the contrast of the room and make it easier for individuals to move about. Additionally, they found that individuals with dementia actually eat more if they use a white plate and tableware on a dark tablecloth or are served food that contrasts the color of the plate.

These types of simple interventions could help people with dementia remain independent longer, and give them greater enjoyment of life overall.

To read the full article on ScienceDaily, click here:  BINGO!