Dissolution of Partnerships

Dissolution of partnership occurs when the relationship between one or more partners in a business ends. The partnership may be between two high school friends who opened a sandwich shop or a law firm with 16 partners. The size of your business isn’t a factor—it’s the manner in which the partnership dissolves that determines whether you need to take legal action.Common causes for dissolution of partnership by legal means include:

  • Breach of Contract
    When a partner fails to uphold the timelines and rules outlined by the terms and conditions of a contract, a partnership may be dissolved.
  • Continuous Loss
    When the business is continually suffering financial losses and is deemed in court to have no further capacity to recover financially, a dissolution of partnership may be sought.
  • Incapacity
    A dissolution of partnership may be sought if a partner is found incapable of performing his necessary duties and obligations to the business.
  • Misconduct
    When a partner acts in a way to either financially harm the business or to compromise the legality of its business practices, a partnership may be dissolved.

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