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Tragic Reminder to Respect the Electric

June 7th, 2010

May was Electric Safety Month, but today reported a story that puts the topic back in the news.

Two people were shocked with 23,000 volts of electricity after they touched a live wire at a Progress Energy transformer substation. They are currently being treated at the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center. The incident also caused major damage to the substation and temporarily left about 12,000 homes without power. To read the full story, click here: Trespassers Badly Burned.

But most electrical accidents happen in and around the home. And don’t forget that in North Carolina, summer brings flash lightning storms that can down power lines. For a quick and easy refresher on how to protect your family from electrical hazards from Rocky Mount Public Utilities, see the attached Electrical Safety Page.  And check out the Kid’s Corner on their website to play interactive games and learn about how to stay safe around electricity and natural gas. (

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