Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys

Trusted Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers in North Carolina

There is no such thing as a minor motorcycle accident—what might be a “fender bender” for a car could be deadly for a motorcycle rider. Why? Lack of protection. Motorcyclists only have a helmet and the clothes on their backs.

If safety were only a question of skill, most cyclists would be fine. But no matter how capable you are, you can’t control other drivers’ actions. When you ride a motorcycle, every other driver on the road is a potential threat to your life.

Negligent Automobile Drivers

Motorcycle accidents are complicated, cause serious injuries, and are the result of a number of factors. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are unfairly stereotyped as fast and reckless drivers, but the truth is that most motorcycle wrecks are caused by negligent automobile drivers.

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After The Accident

There are a few simple steps that the North Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys at HensonFuerst recommend you take after your crash:

  1. Visit a doctor.
    Some injuries, such as road rash, don’t seem serious at first. Other injuries take time to present themselves, and having a doctor’s opinion may help your case. It’s important that you visit a doctor immediately after an accident.
  2. Collect evidence.
    Take photographs of your injuries, the accident scene, and the other vehicles involved in the accident. It also is helpful to preserve any items related to medical treatment you received, such as pill bottles, receipts, glass removed from cuts, or physical aides you used during your recovery process.
  3. Write down the details.
    Take a few minutes to write or draw a detailed description of exactly how your accident happened. Make sure you include the lane you were traveling in and the path of the other vehicle(s) involved.
  4. Obtain the police report.
    You can obtain a copy of the police report from your accident at your local police station. If no report was filed, you may be able to file a report at your local police station.
  5. Get Henson Fuerst.
    The motorcycle accident lawyers at Henson Fuest believe that you deserve fair treatment under the law. We’ll make it our first priority to protect your rights. Contact us at (919) 781-1107 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Bodily Injury Claims

Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may be able to make a claim for bodily injury damages. In North Carolina, you may be entitled to compensation for the following:

Economic Damages

Economic damages can be proven as specific financial losses.

  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses
    Out-of-pocket expenses may include medical equipment, prescriptions, transportation costs, daily care such as bandages, medical or domestic helpers, wheelchairs, and other similar items. Make sure to keep a record of any costs you paid with or without the assistance of the insurance company.
  • Lost Wages
    It’s important that you keep all documents regarding lost wages. These documents may include: affidavits from customers or employers for whom you could not perform work, cancelled checks, paycheck stubs, written orders that were unable to be fulfilled, tax returns, or any documented difference in what you made before and after the accident. You may be unable to prove your lost wages without proper documentation.
  • Past and Future Medical Bills
    To seek damages for medical treatment, you must provide copies of all medical documentation, including copies of your medical records and bills from ambulance services, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and specialists. The North Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys at HensonFuerst will collect this information for you. You may also document any oral or written testimony from your doctors or medical providers.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages cannot be proven as specific financial losses.

  • Permanent Disability/Physical Pain and Mental Suffering
    If you file a lawsuit for non-economic damages, you may also be entitled to compensation for disfigurement, scars, and other permanent injuries. Either a judge or a jury must decide the total amount of these losses depending on the facts of your case—there is no exact formula for the calculation of these items.

It’s our job as your North Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys to attempt to quantify and explain these losses by using photographs, videos, and testimonies from friends, family, doctors, and medical providers.

Motorcycle Safety

Wearing protective gear while riding a motorcycle is an important safety measure, and each state makes its own laws requiring how much equipment a rider must wear.

In North Carolina, all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet on public roads. The helmet you wear should fit properly on your head and should be white or light in color. You also should make sure the helmet has reflective lights or tape on it so you’re visible to other drivers on the road.

Protective Clothing

Although a motorcycle helmet is the only equipment required by North Carolina law, the North Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys at Henson Fuerst believe you also should wear:

  • boots or high-topped shoes;
  • leather gloves;
  • long, tight-fitting, leather pants;
  • and long-sleeves—preferably a padded leather jacket.

This type of equipment reduces your skin exposure and is designed to protect you against severe road rash, scrapes, and abrasions. Many motorcycle shops make seasonal gear for motorcyclists, so you have warm weather and cold weather clothing options.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, call Henson Fuerst right away at (919) 781-1107. When you call, you will speak with one of our experienced North Carolina Motorcycle Accident attorneys absolutely FREE. We will investigate every detail of your accident at no cost to you and fight hard to ensure that your rights are protected.