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The best compliment we can receive as a Personal Injury law firm is the recommendation of a client. Below, you can view real client reviews from people just like you that were hurt through no fault of their own and achieved justice thanks to the legal team at HensonFuerst.

Disclaimer: The cases on this page are illustrative of the matters handled by the firm and do not include all results achieved by the firm. The outcome of a particular case can’t be predicated by a lawyer’s or firm’s past results. Each case is different, and the value of a case can depend on a number of factors, such as: the facts concerning liability in the case, potential liability defenses in the case, economic and non-economic damages in the case, the legal complexity of the case, whether the defendant was insured or self insured, the available insurance coverage in the case, and whether the case was resolved through negotiation, at trial, or in arbitration.

Highly Recommend This Firm

I just called them today. I got referred from an attorney in Raleigh who highly recommend this firm to me. I’m impressed with how they attend to me. From the lady who answered the phone to the paralegal so nice

Highly Recommend

Excellent client service. They treat you like family and have your back every step of the way. Super lawyers, paralegals, and staff. Highly recommend.

5 Stars!!


Great people.

Very Attentive And Professional. Highly Recommend!

I went to Thomas Henson when I was hit by a car because, as a fellow cyclist, I knew he was an expert in the intricacies involved.  I was not disappointed! Although mine was a relatively minor case, Thomas handled it the same as if it had been a potential multi-million dollar settlement. He was able to obtain a settlement far in excess of what I would have been able to secure and kept me apprised of the progress every step of the way. His staff was very attentive and professional and went out of their way to answer all of my questions, offer advice as appropriate, and to keep the communication flowing.

I addition to his work as an attorney, Thomas is also very involved in cycling safety and cyclist/motorist education, areas sorely in need of attention. As such, he is very active in the cycling community. In fact, his education efforts are the reason that I increased my under-/uninsured motorist coverage several years ago, an action that would have saved me financially if the crash I had been involved in had been any worse.  I highly recommend Thomas Henson!

Your Firm Put Me Fuerst!

I was super satisfied with the entire Henson and Fuerst staff. Kimberly was polite and returned all my calls Joey came through on everything he said. Thanks. Your firm put me Fuerst!!!

Made Me Feel Like Family

David Henson and the attorneys of Henson Fuerst represented me in a long, difficult, complex, and emotionally trying case. It was difficult for me to trust anyone, but I had heard good things about Henson Fuerst, so I decided to talk with them. From the minute I walked in the door, the firm made me feel taken care of. In particular, David Henson was a voice of calm and reassurance. He listened to my story–the whole story. I believe my first visit took well over an hour. I was never rushed.

When it came time to hiring the firm, David Henson explained everything–my rights, my obligations, what I could expect from the process, what they needed from me, how long it all would take…everything.

David Henson kept me informed every step of the way. I never had to wonder what was going on because he gave me updates even before I would think to ask. Henson Fuerst made sure that I took care of myself and my health while I was waiting for the outcome of the case. They made me feel like family.

I never thought I would need to hire a lawyer, and I wish my injury never happened. But David Henson and the other attorneys of Henson Fuerst made the process as good as it possibly could be. When the going got tough, my lawyers were tough. When the medical side of the case became complicated, my lawyers hired specialists to cover every angle. When it came time for a court battle, my lawyers didn’t back down. We ended up with a settlement without going to court.

To this day, I thank my lucky stars that I found David Henson. I found him to be compassionate, honest, forthright, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable about legal and medical topics. I have no reservations about recommending him and Henson Fuerst to anyone seeking representation.

Highly recommend Henson Fuerst

There’s nothing worse than being in pain, and feeling alone and scared for the future. Henson Fuerst fought for me, even when I felt like giving up. They treated me like family, gave me the information I needed to make legal decisions, and even pointed me to doctors who could treat my injury. I highly recommend Henson Fuerst. They are excellent lawyers who really care about their clients.

David Henson is an Excellent Lawyer

David Henson is an excellent lawyer and fine person. I know him to be of high character and he always makes the needs of his clients his top priority. I am proud to know David, and I recommend him highly.

Wonderful, courteous and respectful law firm

Thank you guys for all your help…….what a wonderful, courteous and respectful law firm!

Caring And Compassionate People

I called this team of great lawyers and they helped me out tremendously. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and my neck was broken. They were there for me all the way and stayed in constant contact with me. Very seldom did I have to call them. Carma and David and their assistant kept in touch with me as the case progressed. I would refer all my friends to them. Great to work with, caring and compassionate people that I can call a friend. Thanks!

Great Job

I contacted Henson & Fuerst about representing me concerning a disability claim. I had spoken with a few people about the process and knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be quick. One of the people I spoke with recommended Henson & Fuerst, so I contacted them before I filed my initial claim. I’m glad I did. They agreed to represent me and their involvement made the difference. Eric Goodale, the attorney who handled my case, is an excellent attorney. He’s friendly, thorough, and makes sure the client understands what’s going on. I was denied twice, which is not at all unusual, and eventually was scheduled for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Eric set-up a call with me before the hearing and explained, in detail, how the hearing is handled. He has many years of experience in this type of law and is able to help a client not only understand what to expect, answer any questions a client may have, but also put the client at ease during, what can be, a stressful situation. I was completely prepared going into the hearing and because Eric did such a good job, there were no surprises. My claim was approved. Thank you again, Eric.

Took Excellent Care Of Me

I was involved in a car accident last year and was advised to check out Henson Fuerst. I can honestly say they took excellent care of me from my very first visit. I was always kept in the loop of what was going on, I received information via email and regular mail. I’d like to personally thank Attorney Travis Harper and my case manager Laurie Deans (Tammy Richardson) for making this a very easy process. I was very happy with the outcome and I would recommend this firm to anyone especially anyone involved in an automobile accidents! Thanks again.

Very Pleased

Worked with David on a DOT case. Great communication through the entire process, very pleased!

First Class Legal Professionals

Awesome law firm and excellent reputation! Atty. Joey Hodgin has always done a GREAT job handling Workers Compensation cases I’ve referred over the years! Attorneys David & Carma Henson are longtime colleagues and first class legal professionals!

Henson Fuerst Will Always Be There For Anything You Need

If you need help they are the BEST!! I had Eric Goodale represent me for my SSI case. He always kept in contact with me. His assistant Ashley Bragg was AMAZING!! She was so sweet and always returned a call and kept me informed with everything. When I lived in PA the attorney there was impossible to contact. HENSON FUERST WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ANYTHING YOU NEED!!

Pleasure to work with

My 1st time experience with Henson Fuerst law firm was awesome. Joseph Hodgin is a great lawyer, a hard worker and is very good at what he does. Really everyone at the Henson Fuerst law firm that I met were just so kind and nice. I love them all. Y’all keep up the good work and remain positive. It was a pleasure working and speaking with everybody on my Workers’ Compensation claim.

Took the headache out of dealing with the insurance company

Mr. Harper and his assistant, at the Raleigh location, took care of an injury claim I had. He and his assistant took the headache out of dealing with insurance company and I am quite happy with the results. The case has been settled and I can go on with my life. I’d recommend them.

Would recommend Henson Fuerst to anyone

Proficient, dedicated, knowledgeable, kind and caring! My attorney and his assistant worked with me for four long years helping me with my Social Security Disability claim. They kept me informed of the case status and what to expect through the entire process. If not for Henson Fuerst, I would not have had my claim resolved with a positive outcome! I would recommend Henson Fuerst to anyone. They are exceptional!

Henson Fuerst is the best

Best law firm in the state of N.C.

The Best Law Firm

I reached out to Henson Fuerst back in 2016 regarding my minor son’s disability case. I had applied for him and was denied, even after appeals, so I was very discouraged. Not only did the staff at Henson Fuerst take on my son’s case but they also help us win. It was a long time coming and a very lengthy process, however the staff at Henson Fuerst remained professional and courteous at all times. In particular I really appreciated all the help I received from Ashley Bragg and attorney Eric Goodale. They were not only professional, but also answered all my questions and kept me up to date at all times. So very thankful for this wonderful law firm. Without their help, I don’t think my son would have won his case.

Great Lawyers and Awesome Staff

Eric Goodale handled my case & won! He is an awesome lawyer and took time to explain everything to me. Ashley Bragg helped me so much as she was my contact at Henson Fuerst the whole time through my case. She was very polite to me every time we spoke on the phone and kept me up to date on my case. I am so glad that I chose Henson Fuerst as my lawyer. Thank you again for your help.

Great Service

I really appreciate the service and respect I received when I came for help and information. From the moment I walked in the door my family members and I received the kind of care a mother gives her child. All of our fears, what to do now, the questions all answered and on paper so we did not have to remember everything that was said. We had a plan for survival. Our case manager is amazing!!! She has all the answers! Always ready to help with a ‘can do’ attitude. She cares about people and it shows. We love her! Our attorney did exactly what I asked him to do. He gave us advice and quick service.

They are the Best

Henson Fuerst is the best. David Henson handled my case with so much dignity, passion, and respect. I would recommend this firm to everyone.

Great Lawyers with Big Hearts

I had a awful car accident which resulted in 4 long years of pain, surgeries and pain pills. Henson Fuerst, especially Carma Henson, was there every step of the way. The office staff are very pleasant and are so helpful with the process.  After my case was settled, it was like losing a close friend when I said my goodbyes.  They are a great bunch of lawyers with great big hearts.

Awesome Lawyer

Mr. Eric W Goodale is an awesome lawyer. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. He won my case, and if I had to pick a lawyer again, I would pick him. He was very professional.

Thank you for your services.

First Class Team

David Henson and his team are 1st class in caring about everybody who walks through the door. I needed their help a few years ago and still refer them to my friends who need a thoughtful fighter on their side.

Cannot Thank Henson Fuerst Enough

After a year of getting the runaround from both the other driver’s insurance company and our own underinsured policy, and trying to keep up with the medical bills, we turned this case over to David Henson. The insurance companies had one goal – to stall. David and the staff at Henson Fuerst handled everything and negotiated a reasonable settlement with the insurance companies. I am convinced that we might never have gotten the payments we were due, and that the amount of the settlement would have been much smaller and not adequately cover the medical expenses. Throughout this process David and his staff regularly kept me up to date on their work. I cannot thank them enough for their help.

A Great Staff

At Henson Fuerst, the staff was great at walking us through the whole process. They kept us informed about our case the entire time and reached a settlement to our liking.

Thank You for Your Help and Dedication

Henson Fuerst really helped my brother and my best friend. If it wasn’t for all their help and dedication, they would not have gotten the results they did. Henson Fuerst, we don’t know what we would’ve done without you guys and your whole staff.

Absolutely the Best!

Attorney Eric Goodale and his assistant Ashley Bragg worked with me for four years to resolve my Social Security Disability claim. A long wait but a positive outcome! I was kept informed of what to expect with each step of the process, and my questions were always answered in a timely manner. Both Mr. Goodale and Ashley are extremely proficient, knowledgeable, as well as kind and caring. There are not enough words to express by gratitude to these two people and the staff at Henson Fuerst for all they did to ensure a positive outcome for my case.


Eric Goodale was amazing! His assistants where so nice, easy to talk to and helpful! I would recommend him to anyone and have already! Won my case needless to say! Thank you!

Thank You

I would like to thank you for helping us. I would like to thank you for your kindness and respect and making us feel like family. Words cannot explain how we feel. I highly recommend your firm and will always tell people, ‘See Henson Fuerst. The people there will do what they can to help.’ I have so much to say, I will just say this: Thank you so very much.

Dedication, Determination, and Heart

It was a privilege to meet you and see your dedication, determination, and heart, firsthand. You actually made me feel that I wasn’t just a statistic. I couldn’t offer up my complete trust and confidence when interviewing with other law firms; however, I’m sure that they are indeed reputable, but I believe you have my best interest at heart and protecting my future health. That is the bottom line. Thank you.

I Knew I Made The Right Choice

I knew I had made the right choice when we talked. I had been turned down by another lawyer. The paralegal I spoke with had great confidence in the firm she worked for and said that was why Henson Fuerst was the best fit for me. She shared how much she loved her job and what it meant to be a part of helping people. Then I met my attorney, Joey Hodgin, a man who knew his stuff. He was right on my level, and I didn’t feel he was above me. He showed me he loved his family, job, and people, and that showed me a lot. Everyone from the receptionist to the paralegals to my attorney treated me with the utmost respect and showed me they really cared about my needs.  I will tell others about you.

Made It Less Frustrating

Workers’ compensation was frustrating, but Joey Hodgin made it less frustrating and took matters into his own hands.

Doing What Was Right And Best For Me

I really liked Carma Henson being my husband’s attorney, as his wife and power of attorney. She was very well mannered and easy to talk with, and she listened and gave good advice. She showed that her interest was in doing what was right and best for my husband and me. I would recommend her to anyone who had the same or similar situation. I was pleased with how well things went.

Family Atmosphere

Henson Fuerst was professional with the feeling of a family atmosphere not a law firm. They made you enjoy every phone call and visit to their office. Everything was just as I was told it would be. What I liked least does not even apply. You can’t improve what is already perfect. Just keep doing what you are doing.

Restored a Portion Of My Life

I felt as though my life and livelihood were forever taken from me before your law firm agreed to handle my case. The law firm of HensonFuerst restored a portion of my life that an accident had taken away. But more important, Mr. Henson, your firm restored credence to a profession that has been scrutinized in a dubious light by laypersons such as myself.” Read more about Karyetta’s case.

Pleasant Experience

My most pleasant experiences with your establishment include prompt, friendly, and courteous services; the professional knowledge of the staff; and the timely manner in which the case was closed.

No Worrying

I liked that once I put the problem in their hands, I didn’t have to worry about paperwork or arguing with anyone to get what I deserved. I would have never received my Disability benefits without my lawyer.

Professionalism Of The Staff

The case management team was very organized and prompt. The professionalism of the staff made me feel very comfortable knowing my case and medical bills were in the right hands.

Can’t Say Enough

Henson Fuerst stayed in touch; they let us know what was going on—we never had to call because they stayed in touch with us so well. Henson Fuerst felt like family to me and kept me so well informed. Thank you so much! I just can’t say enough about how great your law firm is!

Top Of The Line

I honestly never have interacted with such kind and loving people who work with the public. I will recommend them to anybody, anytime. They prove to you that they care about the person.  Henson Fuerst, from my experience, is the top of the line.

Excellent Service

I like the friendliness of the staff. I appreciate the excellent service I received from the lawyers and the assistants. No question was too small.

Service and Respect

I really appreciate the service and respect I received when I came for help and information. From the moment I walked in the door, my family members and I received the kind of care a mother gives her child—all of our fears, what to do now, and our questions, were all answered and on paper so we did not have to remember everything that was said. We had a plan for survival. Our case manager, Ann Sykes, is amazing! She has all the answers. Always ready to help with a ‘can do’ attitude, she cares about people, and it shows. We love her! Our attorney did exactly what I asked him to do. He gave us advice and quick service.

Thank You

First, I would like to send out a sincere thank you to Henson Fuerst for addressing my needs immediately. Second, for my case manager, Emily Cain, for being courteous and returning my phone calls promptly. Last, but not least, to Tiana Zaebst for listening to what I really wanted, which was getting back to my normal life without medical bills. She was there, encouraging me along the way because my patience was getting the best of me. She continued to fight for what I was entitled to have. Thank you for lifting the burden off my heart and being my voice when I didn’t think I had one.”

Always Treated Like An Important Client

Despite the fact that my case wasn’t a large one, I was always treated like an important client. I highly recommend using Henson Fuerst.

There as a Friend

Thank you for being there for me during the worst time in my life. Not only were you there representing me, but you were there as a friend. I knew since I was bound for some hard times, I wanted Henson Fuerst to be on my side. You were there always, being someone I could count on for everything—from the problems I had with workers’ compensation to the personal injury part of my accident.

Read more about George’s case.

Sense of Integrity

I liked the sense of integrity that not only were they doing their work, but also the kindness inside their work and the willingness to do the best they could to solve the case as soon as possible and in the best interest for the client.

Right Beside My Son And Me

I would like to take the time to thank you all for your time, consideration, and thoughtfulness you have given my family and me during this difficult time. Since 2005, you have been right beside my son and me, and you have always wanted the best for both of us. Knowing that you cared so deeply really mattered to all of us.” Read more about Nickie and Jermey’s case.

Strongly Recommend Henson Fuerst

I really didn’t know from the start what my experience would be like, having a traumatic brain injury in 1988 and another in 2009. When we were looking for attorneys and I came across Henson Fuerst, I noticed they were supporters of the state Brain Injury Association. I trusted and had faith that I would be taken care of by people who understand how I felt at the time of my head injury. A head injury is something you can’t see, and it affected my whole family. I would strongly recommend Henson Fuerst.  They were there for me through the whole thing. My trust and faith has come to be true. God bless you all.