iPad Helps Diagnose Concussions

brain illustration

If you think that iPads are just entertainment devices, you should read about St. Edward High School in Ohio athletic trainer Jason Cruickshank. He uses an iPad to help diagnose his student athlete concussions.

Using the tablet with the C3 Logix concussion app, the coach has a baseline measure of all his athletes’ cognitive function, balance, vision, and reflexes. Then, when an athlete has a head injury, the coach can re-test him to determine whether there have been any changes.  (The tests involve using the iPad’s accelerometer and gyroscope, among other functions.)

While the app isn’t enough to diagnose concussion with 100% accuracy, but it is enough to warn coaches (or parents) of potentially troubling symptoms–and if you see signs of concussion, you can seek medical help more  quickly.

To read the full story of how Coach C. uses the app to help his athletes, read Apple’s “Your Verse” story here:  https://www.apple.com/your-verse/concussion-game-plan/