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Judicial Budget Cut Looming Unless Action Is Taken

May 17th, 2012

The  House Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public Safety in the General Assembly is considering a budget proposal which would cut an additional $4.2 million from the judicial budget of the State of North Carolina.   A significant portion of this proposal, valued at approximately $1 million, is the elimination of all trial court administrator positions throughout the state.  If the proposed budget passes the House, it will then go to the Senate, which will also be considering how best to find the cuts needed to balance the budget.

Cutting Trial Court Administrator (TCA) positions would be a severe blow to the efficiency of civil justice in North Carolina. In twelve of our busiest judicial districts, the citizens and businesses who come to our courts for settlements of their disputes will find dockets that are crowded and cannot be adequately managed. Civil justice will inevitably suffer. Criminal cases will probably be affected too, as judges will be forced to devote some of their energies to the administrative tasks currently handled by the TCAs. 

This is not just an issue for lawyers and judges. Citizens and businesses depend on our courts for the efficient and orderly resolution of disputes. Businesses and individuals already complain that the resolution of disputes in court is too slow, too costly, and requires too much effort from those whose time could be better spent creating jobs or working to build our economy. Eliminating trial court administrators from the court systems in our state’s commercial hubs will only make the problem worse.

We need your help to inform and educate legislators of the importance of our Trial Court Administrators to the fair and effective handling of civil lawsuits, and to urge them not to eliminate these vital positions from the judicial budget.

Please consider contacting the legislators on the lists below to express your opposition to further cuts to the judicial budget.

House Appropriations Committee For Justice and Public Safety Committee Chairs

Representative James L. Boles, Jr.

Office:528 Legislative Office Building

Representative N. Leo Daughtry

Office:2207 Legislative Building

Representative Pat B. Hurley

Office:532 Legislative Office Building

Representative Shirley B. Randleman

Office:531 Legislative Office Building

Vice Chairs

Representative John Faircloth

Office:306A3 Legislative Office Building

Representative Dan W. Ingle

Office:530 Legislative Office Building

Representative Timothy L. Spear

Office:402 Legislative Office Building

Representative Sarah Stevens

Office:416A Legislative Office Building

Committee Members

Representative Trudi Walend

Office:503 Legislative Office Building

Representative Annie W. Mobley

Office:501 Legislative Office Building

Representative Patsy Keever

Office:1317 Legislative Building

Representative Darren G. Jackson

Office:1019 Legislative Building

Representative D. Craig Horn

Office:1010 Legislative Building

Representative Charles Graham

Office:1315 Legislative Building

Representative Rayne Brown

Office:638 Legislative Office Building

Representative Alice L. Bordsen

Office:602 Legislative Office Building

Representative Martha B. Alexander

Office:1213 Legislative Building

Senate Standing Committee Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety

Senator Harry Brown – Co-Chair

Office:300-B Legislative Office Building
Phone:(919) 715-3034

Senator Thom Goolsby- Co-Chair

Office:2115 Legislative Building
Phone:(919) 715-2525

Senator Ed Jones – Vice Chair

Office:518 Legislative Office Building
Phone:(919) 715-3032

Senator Dan Soucek- Vice Chair

Office:310 Legislative Office Building
Phone:(919) 733-5742

Senator Daniel G. Clodfelter

Office:526 Legislative Office Building
Phone:(919) 715-8331

Senator Don East

Office:521 Legislative Office Building
Phone:(919) 733-5743

Senator E. S. (Buck) Newton

Office:410 Legislative Office Building
Phone:(919) 715-3030